View DICOM images anywhere, anytime, on any device!

Looking for a viewing solution for your medical images?

RemotEye Suite represents a very complete solution for all your medical image viewing needs. It offers full DICOM compliance, web-based architecture, cross-platform compatibility, support for a wide variety of devices, including desktop computers, tablets smartphones.

Need a diagnostic viewer? Or a simpler image review tool?

RemotEye Suite includes software modules for diagnostic-level medical image viewing and reporting on desktop computers/workstations (RemotEye Viewer), as well as modules targeted to clinical review of medical images on desktops, tablets or smartphones (RemotEye Lite).
RemotEye Viewer is a full-featured, regulations-compliant, certified, diagnostic-level DICOM medical image viewer.
RemotEye Lite is a zero-footprint, HTML5-based, cross-device, fast, easy-to-use, DICOM image viewer targeted to review of medical images.
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about RemotEye Lite

Works on desktops tablets smartphones

Cross-platform compatibility is a must for all RemotEye Suite’s software modules: RemotEye Viewer is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux clients, while RemotEye Lite works on any HTML5-capable device, including last-generation desktop web browsers, Android tablets and smartphones, Apple’s iPads and iPhones.
What does this mean for the user? It means that he will always be able to access the relevant DICOM images, no matter the device or platform being used.

No more technological barriers!

Accessing DICOM images through the LAN or through the Internet

The architecture of RemotEye Suite’s software modules is fully web-based. This means that, with the appropriate permissions, users are able to access to DICOM viewing functionalities wherever they are, both from within the hospital’s or medical center’s DICOM network, and from remote locations. No matter the particular client computer or device being used, it is always possible to load RemotEye Suite’s software modules and view DICOM images.
The web-based architecture has also many benefits in terms of ease of software maintenance: software updates are applied to the server, and they automatically propagated to all clients.

The DICOM viewing solution of choice for the cloud

RemotEye Suite is the ideal DICOM viewing solution for cloud-based medical imaging services. Thanks to its fully web-based architecture, it is perfectly suited to work with cloud-based medical images sharing portals, cloud-based offsite DICOM archives, cloud-based teleradiology solutions, etc.
Its powerful and flexible integration interface allows integrating it with virtually all kinds of cloud-based services.

Need to distribute and publish exams to an online portal?

Thanks to the Exams Portal software module, RemotEye Suite can be effectively used to publish and distribute DICOM images and reports to the cloud, for an online access and review by patients, referring physicians or other entities. Exams Portal can seamlessly integrate with your existing DICOM infrastructure: in a matter of minutes, you will be able to create an online portal for any medical institution, where DICOM images and related DICOM and non-DICOM content (e.g., reports) will be accessible by authorized users only. Advanced online image viewing is supported thanks to our web-based DICOM viewers, RemotEye Viewer and RemotEye Lite.
Exams Portal can complement or completely replace traditional exams distribution methods, for instance based on DICOM CDs / DVDs.
Exams Portal relies on a high-end cloud infrastructure, based on Amazon S3 cloud storage and fully HIPAA-compliant cloud-based portal servers. Strict privacy and security policies are adopted, and all exchanged data are encrypted, both in transit and at rest, according to the best industry standards.

Sharing exams with remote recipients has never been easier

Need to share exam's medical images with remote recipients (e.g., specialized doctors or referring physicians), for consultations or second opinions? RemotEye Viewer allows you to easily share exams with remote users, thanks to a dedicated cloud-based infrastructure, based on the Exams Sharing Portal. Shared files will reside in the cloud but under complete sender's control, as they will be stored in the sender's Dropbox. Security and privacy will be guaranteed thanks to end-to-end encryption. The Exams Sharing Portal will provide all web-based advanced viewing tools which are part of RemotEye Suite. Click here to know more

Ready-to-use DICOM viewing solution? Or custom DICOM viewing component?

RemotEye Viewer and RemotEye Lite can seamlessly integrate with any DICOM-compliant server (typically, a PACS server), thus providing immediate, web-based, cross-platform, cross-device image viewing functionalities to any existing third-party system. This seamless integration may happen through the PACSConnector software module, also part of RemotEye Suite, which acts as a bridge between the DICOM world and the HTTP/HTTPS-based protocols supported by our viewers.
On the other side, RemotEye Suite has been designed to be also integrated into third-party custom solutions. A complete and documented integration interface is available, allowing any third-party external web-based application to embed and drive RemotEye Viewer and RemotEye Lite in a variety of different modes.

Users of many popular PACS servers (e.g., dcm4chee, PacsOne, etc.) choose RemotEye Viewer and RemotEye Lite as the web-enabled, certified, cross-platform, cross-device viewing solution for their PACS. Integration is done seamlessly through PACSConnector or through specific integration packages.

If you are looking for a complete, fully-integrated, web-enabled PACS solution, consider our LogiPACS product, a full-featured, robust, scalable and cost-effective PACS server with a powerful web interface and advanced patient discs production capabilities, which can be effectively and tightly integrated with our RemotEye Suite viewing solution.

Robust, reliable, supported, certified

NeoLogica has more than 10 years of experience in the medical imaging and DICOM fields. Over all these years, RemotEye Suite has been continuously improved and enriched with new functionalities. Choosing RemotEye Suite means choosing a robust, highly-reliable, hassle-free, professionally-supported, regulations-compliant DICOM viewing solution. The RemotEye Viewer module, intended for diagnostic reading, is CE-marked as a class IIa medical device and FDA-cleared as a class II medical device (K141061).

Diagnostic image viewer

RemotEye Viewer is a diagnostic-level, Java-based, cross-platform, DICOM-compliant image viewer: runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, on standard PC hardware.

Image tools

Advanced image manipulation tools, including window/level, zoom, rotation, flipping, pseudo-coloring, enhancement filters on images.

Measurement tools

Advanced distance, area, angle and density measurement tools (including SUV for PET images), plus several graphical annotation tools.
Measurement of CTR (Cardio-Thoracic Ratio) also supported.

Display management

Advanced display management, supporting hanging protocols with multiple hanging steps and multi-monitor display configurations.

Dynamic sequences

Advanced management of dynamic sequences, including cine-playback of multi-frame sequences and support for Echo Stress studies.

CT and MR tools

Powerful tools for CT and MR studies, including multi-planar reconstruction (MPR), both orthogonal and oblique, and thick-slab mode (MIP, MinIP, AvgIP, both within MPR and on original series). Reference lines, 3D localizer cursor, spine labelling are also supported.

Modality-specific features

Support for Echo Stress and Breast Tomosynthesis studies. Support for display of Mammo CAD SR markers.

Printing functions

Advanced printing functions, allowing to print to standard PC printers or to DICOM printers, with the aid of an interactive WYSIWYG print composer.

Reporting functions

Support for DICOM Structured Reports (SR), plain text reports, voice reports.

Export functions

Powerful export functions, including export of images in DICOM format (incl. PS and KI) and in non-DICOM formats (JPG, PNG, JPEG-2000, AVI).
Innovative cloud-sharing functions, allowing to easily share the images of a medical exam with a remote recipient

Patient CD/DVD

Support for production of DICOM CDs/DVDs, with embedded cross-platform auto-running viewer (LocalEye Viewer).


Advanced DICOM anonymization features on DICOM export and DICOM CD/DVD production.

Powerful decoding engine

Advanced and optimized downloading and decoding engine, supporting virtually all kinds and encodings of DICOM image files, and several compression schemes.


Flexible and powerful integration interface towards third-party applications, fully documented: RemotEye Viewer can be easily integrated with any DICOM back-end and easily invoked by an external web application.


RemotEye Viewer is available in multiple languages (english, italian, spanish and portuguese are included in the standard package), and it also allows to easily add support for other languages if necessary.

Fully certified

RemotEye Viewer is certified as a medical device. It is FDA-cleared as a class II medical device (K141061) and CE-marked as class IIa medical device.
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Lightweight image viewer

RemotEye Lite is a lightweight, zero-footprint, web-based, HTML5-based medical image viewer.

Cross-platform compatible

RemotEye Lite runs on any HTML5-capable device, including Apple iOS, Android or Windows tablets and smartphones, as well as on last-generation desktop web browsers.
Resolution and quality of images can be customized for each kind of client device.

Image tools

Interactive image stacking, window/level, zoom, pan, rotation and flipping.

Measurement tools

Distance, area and angle measurement tools.

CT and MR review tools

Display of reference lines on CT and MR studies.

Dynamic sequences

Management of dynamic sequences, with cine-playback of multi-frame sequences.

Search interface

RemotEye Lite supports searches on studies, based on flexible search parameters.

Flexible display layout

RemotEye Lite features a configurable and flexible display layout for images, allowing for concurrent review of several series.

Wide DICOM compatibility

RemotEye Lite can display virtually all kinds and encodings of DICOM image files, including RLE, JPEG, JPEG-LS, JPEG-2000 compressed images.
In addition, it can display DICOM SR (Structured Reports) and Encapsulated PDF.


Flexible and powerful integration interface towards third-party applications, fully documented: RemotEye Lite can be easily integrated with any DICOM back-end and easily invoked by an external web application.
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Software manuals