The powerful and web-enabled PACS server

Need to archive your medical images?

LogiPACS represents the best solution to archive your medical images. It offers full DICOM compliance, high performance, configurability and reliability. Sending and receiving images is easy with LogiPACS also through its powerful and easy-to-use web interface. LogiPACS is used in hundreds medical centers all around the world with good satisfaction of our customers.

Need to distribute your medical images on CD/DVD? Or over the web?

LogiPACS allows automatic patient discs production (CD, DVD or BD) through robots (Rimage, Epson, Primera, All Pro Solutions). Customizable labels and multi-platform DICOM viewer are available for each disc.
In addition data distribution for referring physician is available through LogiPACS web interface and RemotEye Suite integration.

No more patient disc exchange!

Keep your data safe, for as long as you need

LogiPACS prevents data loss producing backup discs (CD, DVD or BD) through production robots (Rimage, Epson, Primera, All Pro Solutions). A code printed on the disc surface allows recognizing the disc in case restoring is needed. The restore operation is driven by LogiPACS.
For Italian marketplace the possibility to sign the backup discs is available for legal archiving purpose.

Need to archive non-DICOM data together with DICOM data?

LogiPACS allows associating non-DICOM files (like PDF reports are) to patients or studies. The non-DICOM files will be automatically included in both patient discs and backup discs.

Archive for several distinct departments or centers

LogiPACS is able to run in multiple instances on the same server machine. Each LogiPACS instance has its own configuration and it is connected to its own SQL database instance allowing greater flexibility, scalability, high availability and data separation at storage-level and at database-level. This capability is very useful in case of large medical centers having many sites.

Powerful DICOM viewing options

RemotEye Viewer and RemotEye Lite can seamlessly integrate with LogiPACS server, thus providing immediate, web-based, cross-plaftform, cross-device image viewing functionalities.

No more technological barriers!

Compliance to standards and regulations

LogiPACS complies with DICOM, IHE, HL7 and WADO standards. NeoLogica obtained all the required certifications (ISO, CE, FDA) related to medical software producers. In particular LogiPACS is Class I medical device according to CE and FDA guidelines.

Pay just for what you need

LogiPACS is available in several different editions, and offers several license options. This allows you to pay just for the features you really need. No matter if you need just an automated patient media production solution, or rather a full-featured PACS archive: there is an appropriate LogiPACS edition covering exactly your needs, nothing more and nothing less.

Robust, reliable, supported, certified

NeoLogica has more than 10 years of experience in the medical imaging and DICOM fields. Over all these years, LogiPACS has been continuously improved and enriched with new functionalities.
Choosing LogiPACS means choosing a robust, highly-reliable, hassle-free, professionally-supported, regulations-compliant PACS solution.

PACS server

Full-featured, web-enabled, scalable, robust and reliable PACS server.

Full DICOM compliance

LogiPACS offers complete compliance with the DICOM 3.0 standard, supporting DICOM Storage, DICOM Query/Retrieve, DICOM Storage Commitment, DICOM Verification services, both in the Service Class Provider (SCP) and in the Service Class User (SCU) roles.

Scalable archiving

LogiPACS is easily able to manage large DICOM storage archives. It has been tested with hundreds of thousands DICOM studies, and tens of millions DICOM images.


LogiPACS includes a powerful and new-generation web interface. All functionalities of the PACS, including configuration and browsing of studies, can be accessed from a web client through a web browser, as long as appropriate privileges are granted.

Management of privileges

Each user of the LogiPACS web interface can be assigned a specific set of privileges, specifying allowed and forbidden operations, as well as visibility rules on archived DICOM studies.

Import and export functions

LogiPACS is able to import DICOM files from external disks, as well as to export files and images to external disks, in a variety of DICOM and non-DICOM formats.

DICOM data editing

LogiPACS allows editing of DICOM fields on archived DICOM files. Patients, studies and series merge and split operations are also supported.

Patient discs publishing

LogiPACS supports automated and manual patient disc production and printing through publishing robots by Rimage, Epson, Primera and AllPro Solutions. A NeoLogica cross-platform DICOM viewer is optionally included on every patient disc. Moreover, a HTML viewer is optionally included on each patient disc, in conformance with the IHE PDI profile - web option.

HL7 support

LogiPACS is able to receive and manage HL7 messages for reporting and patient information update.

Data safety

LogiPACS supports advanced backup/restore functionalities of its DICOM archive. Backups may be done both on optical media through automated publishing robots (offline backup), and to any other storage device (nearline backup). Data restores and disaster recovery are fully assisted by the software.

DICOM forwarding

LogiPACS supports rule-based, automated DICOM forwarding to other DICOM nodes in the network.

Powerful viewing options

NeoLogica’s web-based DICOM viewers (RemotEye Viewer and RemotEye Lite) can be seamlessly integrated with LogiPACS, thus providing immediate, web-based, cross-plaftform, cross-device image viewing functionalities. Any other DICOM-compliant third-party DICOM viewer is also fully supported.

Includes database engine

LogiPACS integrates with database engine PostgreSQL (included in the installation package).


LogiPACS is available in multiple languages (english, italian, spanish and portuguese are included in the standard package), and it also allows to easily add support for other languages if necessary.

Standards compliant

LogiPACS guarantees compliance with all main standards of the digital medical imaging world, including DICOM, IHE, HL7, WADO.


LogiPACS is CE-marked as a class I medical device.
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