Easily add DICOM modality worklist functionalities to your HIS/RIS!

Automating the transfer of patient’s data from HIS/RIS to modalities

Today most medical centers use information systems (HIS – Hospital Information Systems or RIS – Radiology Information Systems), storing patients demographics and exams scheduling information. These data are then required during the image acquisition phase at the acquisition modality, since digital acquisition devices must know all relevant patient and study information to store them into the digital images they produce.
Instead of requesting the technician to manually re-enter patient’s demographics on the modality’s console, the DICOM modality worklist service allows for an automated, reliable, error-free transfer of the information stored in the HIS/RIS directly to the modality, in a standard way which is supported by almost all manufacturers of digital DICOM modalities. DICOMMod has been expressly designed to implement this DICOM service.

Want to add DICOM modality worklist functionality to your HIS/RIS?

If your HIS/RIS already manages scheduling of diagnostic exams, but doesn’t support the DICOM modality worklist service, then DICOMMod is the perfect add-on to simplify and improve your workflow. DICOMMod will easily integrate with your HIS/RIS, and will add support for DICOM modality worklist service, thus enabling a fully automated and error-free transfer of patient and exam data from your HIS/RIS to modalities.

No more duplicate work or typing errors!

No need for HL7 or exchange of text files

Integration between your HIS/RIS and DICOMMod happens at the database level. DICOMMod will connect to your existing database containing exams scheduling information, and after a simple configuration it will be able to extract the required information, matching modalities’ queries, and to return relevant data to modalities through the DICOM modality worklist protocol.

Fast, efficient, easy to integrate!

Robust, reliable, professionally-supported

NeoLogica has more than 10 years of experience in the medical imaging and DICOM fields. Over all these years, DICOMMod has been continuously improved and enriched with new functionalities. Choosing DICOMMod means choosing a robust, highly-reliable, hassle-free, professionally-supported, standards-compliant DICOM modality worklist solution.

DICOM Modality Worklist server

DICOMMod allows you to easily add DICOM Modality Worklist functionalities to your HIS/RIS. It will seamlessly turn any exams-scheduling database into a full-fledged DICOM Modality Worklist server.

Full DICOM compliance

DICOMMod offers complete compliance with the DICOM 3.0 standard, acting as a Service Class Provider (SCP) for the Modality Worklist Information Model - FIND SOP Class.

Connects to your data

DICOMMod supports efficient connectivity to any HIS/RIS exams scheduling database, through the ODBC interface.

Easy configuration

Intuitive configuration of the integration with HIS/RIS through an easy-to-use yet advanced Graphical User Interface. Mapping of database fields to DICOM Modality Worklist fields happens by specifying a SQL query.

Unlimited associations

DICOMMod supports unlimited simultaneous DICOM associations. An unlimited number of DICOM modalities can connect to DICOMMod and query for Modality Worklist.

High performance

DICOMMod is a high-performance multithreaded Windows native application, able to manage a very high workload of Modality Worklist requests by modalities.