Easily remove personal identifying information from your DICOM files!

Need to de-identify medical images for teaching, publishing or research?

DICOM Anonymizer Pro allows you to easily remove personal identifying information from the header of DICOM image files, as well as from any other kind of DICOM datasets. This process is known as “anonymization” of DICOM files. The information which can be removed includes patient’s data, exam’s data, as well as data about the physicians who have been involved in the process of generation of the DICOM files. DICOM Anonymizer Pro allows selecting which information to remove and which information to keep, eventually modified. Also, a partial re-identification of the anonymous DICOM files generated by a given installation of DICOM Anonymizer Pro is supported.

Working on single files?
Or on folders containing thousands of DICOM files?

DICOM Anonymizer Pro is the perfect solution to your DICOM anonymization needs, no matter whether you are working on just a few DICOM files, or on entire directory trees containing thousands of DICOM files. The software will automatically process all submitted content, recursively iterating through folders and subfolders if required.
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Need to modify the values of specific DICOM data elements on batches of DICOM files?

DICOM Anonymizer Pro can help. It allows specifying custom values for a rich set of DICOM data elements, even custom ones. Then, it will apply those custom values to all processed DICOM files.

Need to integrate DICOM anonymization or editing functionalities in your own application?

DICOM Anonymizer Pro can work in command-line mode, thus allowing to call it from external applications. A rich set of command-line parameters and custom configurations are supported, covering all DICOM anonymization or batch-editing needs.

Works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

DICOM Anonymizer Pro is a multi-platform stand-alone application. It works equally well under Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. An automated installer is provided, making the installation process straightforward for all users.

Anonymize DICOM files

DICOM Anonymizer Pro allows removing personal-identifying information from any DICOM-compliant file. Anonymization happens on the value of DICOM data elements. Pixel data are never modified.

Fully configurable

DICOM Anonymizer Pro allows selectively specifying which information shall be removed from DICOM datasets, and which information shall be kept. In addition, custom values (including dynamic fields) can be specified for several DICOM data elements.

Batch processing

DICOM Anonymizer Pro is able to work on individual files, as well as on entire directory trees, containing thousands of DICOM files.

GUI or command line

DICOM Anonymizer Pro features an advanced Graphical User Interface, allowing interactive configuration and usage of the software utility. A command-line mode is also supported, which is very useful when DICOM anonymization functions shall be integrated with external applications.


DICOM Anonymizer Pro optionally allows partial re-identification of anonymized DICOM files, thanks to an internal database of anonymization operations done on a specific instance of the software.

Cross-platform compatible

DICOM Anonymizer Pro can be installed and run on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.


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